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Welcome to the R&D Dansk Projektledelse site.

How to behave
This site is edited by a professional editorial group appointed by Dansk Projektledelse.
On this site we publish, review, discuss, comment, develop, innovate on the subject PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND PROJECT LEADERSHIP, in all aspects!
The editorial group is responsible for the content, and we remove subjects that is not suitable, after contacting the user.
It is very important that you behave respectfully on this site - which means:
- Show respect for other users, never give disparaging comments on their articles, discussions etc.
- Encouraging others are fine!
- Don't publish materials of offensive or unethical nature

The main language on the site is English, but you are are welcome to publish material in your own national language. Keep in mind that it may reduce your 'audience' and thus potentially restrict positive debate.

How to do
Posting articles:
1. Go to My Page and choose 'Quick Add' in the right column
2. Choose 'Blog post', copy your article in 'Entry' or make a link to a site, where your article is placed. Click on 'Publish post'
3. Go to 'Main page' and your article is to be found under 'Latest Activity', under 'Blogs' on the main page, and under Blogs on your own page
4. You can always go back and edit your own post (in case you made a typo).
Start a discussion:
1. Click on 'Quick Add'.
2. Choose 'Discussion', write a title, write your opinion, choose a Category, and click on 'Start Discussion'
3. Now you can find your comment under 'Latest Activity' on the main page, under 'Open Library' (top title), the category you have choosen to comment on, and on Latest Activity on 'My page'
Publish an event
1. Click 'Quick Add' and choose Event.
2. Name the event and add an existing image, or upload one from your own computer if you applicable.
3. Describe the event.
4. Describe the event type.
5. Set Start and End dates & time (calender function).
6. Add Location.
7. 'Create event'.
Your event can bee seen on the main page 'Latest Activity', under 'Events (top title) and on 'My page' Latest Activity'
Post a review an article or a book
1. Download the Review Guide here and use it as a guideline...

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