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Introduction Researchers:

Welcome to The Danish Project Management Research and Development site.

The site is for researchers, developers, students and project managers in Denmark and International. We aim to publish the most interesting and innovative scientific results, best practice examples, links, articles, white papers, libraries, books and news about project management that you can find – from Denmark and all over the world.

The purpose of the site is to share best practice as well as to encourage developing next practice in the field of project management.

We believe that happens when scientists, teachers, students, project managers and consultants meet and inspires each other, and we hope that this site will become a ‘value space’ for the users, where you both give and take inspiration.

We call on you to help us meet these ambitious goals, so feel free to post material of your own or material that you have come upon in your research.

If you use ‘Matchmaking’ maybe you will find a student working on a paper that you can contribute to, or students who are researching on a subject that can contribute to your research. Matchmaking can also help you find a relevant company for a case study.

The site is also an obvious opportunity for networking with others that have a deep interest in research and development in the project management discipline.

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