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The R&D Dansk Projektledelse site has been created to bring together and enable exchange between people interested in project management and project leadership - be it researchers, developers, teachers, students or professionals working within the field.
Use 'Groups' to get in contact with others sharing the same interests as you! When creating a group, be careful to make an interesting and complete description of your group theme, and invite others to join you. Send an invitation to other site members, or send an invitation to people you think should join the site and your group. The more members we get the better!!
Student ::: - You can use the feature 'Group' to get in contact with other students, researchers, developers, scientists, PM's, to get useful information on a theme you are working with, creating a case study or testing a hypothesis.
Researcher ::: Create a group to support your research, make contacts with PM's for case studies, conduct interviews, or find other researchers to collaborate with on your subject
PM ::: Use 'Groups' to find other Project Managers that share your interests, get in contact with researchers and learn about what they are excited about, study papers, find students who would like to research using your case in, get a lot more clever on innovative subjects...
Create a group
1. Click on 'Groups' and choose 'Add a group', follow the instructions - remember to fill in the description carefully, so others can see what the group stands for, click 'Add Group'
2. Now you can invite others to your group and even advertise it on other sites that you are a user of.

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