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June 2012 Blog Posts (7)

Tilmelding til IPMA Certificering i juli

Dansk Projektledelse udbyder til efteråret IPMA Certificering på niveau A-D.

Tilmeldingsfristerne er følgende: Niveau A: 24. september, Niveau B og C: 22. juli og Niveau D: 14. juli.

For mere information og tilmelding, se her

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Dansk Projektledelse med i forskningsprojekt

Dansk Projektledelse er med i et forskningsprojekt ved Århus Universitet, der kortlægger interesseorganisationers politiske indflydelse i Danmark. Projektet fokuserer på organisationernes indflydelse på forskellige arenaer, nemlig den administrative arena, den parlamentariske arena og mediearenaen. Dansk Projektledelse har bidraget gennem kvantitative metoder.

Uddrag af projektbeskrivelsen:

"Projektet  undersøger betydningen af: 1) organisationskarakteristika,…


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Article: "Why costs overrun: risk, optimism and uncertainty in budgeting for the London 2012 Olympic Games"

Abstract: " As a first step to understanding the sources of budgeting overruns in the context of the Olympics, this research note outlines how the costs of the London 2012 Olympic Games were under-estimated in a series of budget forecasts, identifying sources of error and categorizing these according to the effects on budgeting of: (1) inattention to risk inside government; (2) biases in decision-making in the evaluation and use of information; and (3) uncertainty in project management and…


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Article: "Geographical variation in project cost performance: the Netherlands versus worldwide"

Abstract: " In the Netherlands, cost overruns [on transport infrastructure] appear to be smaller compared to the rest of the world. This paper tests whether Dutch projects perform significantly better in terms of cost overruns than other geographical areas. It is concluded that for road and tunnel projects, the Netherlands performs similarly to the rest of the world. For rail projects, Dutch projects perform considerably better, with projects having significantly lower percentage cost…


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Book review: "Olympic Risks"

"Olympic Risks" focuses on the task of governing the Olympic Games. It sheds light upon the risk management of arranging and governing the Olympic Games and the preparations ahead of it.

The book offers a theoretical and empirical analysis of how the Olympic Games are governed, exploring the challenges and pressures of staging the world's largest event and the recent emergence of the formal practice of risk management as a response of decision-makers to the operational demands and…


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IPMA Young Crew: Project Management: Delivering The Promise

IPMA Young Crew publishes blogs on various subjects within the field of project management.

This blog addresses the issue of how to carry out project management and ensure the fulfilment of the end result. It considers three target groups; 1) individual project management practitioners, 2) project teams and stakeholders and 3) enterprise managers and executives.

Read the full blog post here

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Nyt blogindlæg fra Peter G. Harboe: "Simpel, analog og autentisk projektledelse er nok det nye sort!"

Medlem af Dansk Projektledelses Forskningsgruppe Peter G. Harboe har på sin blog om viden projektledelse skrevet sit seneste indlæg om spilleregler hos LEGO i forbindelse projektledelse af deres kerneprojekter - nøgleordene er 'keep it simple'. Læs indlægget her

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