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Book launch: Project Management Multiplicity - Current Trends

The anthology, Project Management Multiplicity, has taking its time to come into being, but now it is ready for the public!


Project Management Multiplicity is a 200 pages book, consisting of 10 chapters written by researchers in project management. The researchers represent the Danish academic millieu - among others Roskilde University, Aarhus and Aalborg University.


The book will be available for purchase through Dansk Projektledelse and the publisher…


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Bent Flyvbjerg: "Most project management forecasters are fools or liars"

Interview with professor Bent Flyvbjerg from BT Centre for Major Programme Management, Saїd Business School, University of Oxford

Majority of forecasters are fools or liars says Professor Bent Flyvbjerg in new paper on the inaccurate estimates for major projects. Read the article here

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Call for Papers 14 January 2013

EGOS - European Group for Organizational Studies - publishes call for papers for EGOS' Qolloquium in Montreal 4-6 July 2013. The overall theme of the qolloquium is 'Bridging Continent, Cultures and Worldviews'


The paper must not exceed 3000 words (inc. references, all appendices and other material). For mere information on call for papers, follow this…


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Call for Papers 15 January 2013

EURam invites to the 13th Conference, taking place in Turkey in June 2013. In this event, scholars, researchers and practitioners are invited to submit papers by the 15th of January 2013.

The title of the conference is Democratic Managemant, and the conference will take place 26-29 June 2013 at Galatasary University, Istanbul.

For more info on the conference and the call for papers, follow this…


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Guide to Project Management Terms

Confused about different terms and different usage of words withsín the field of project management?

The Project Managment Institute (PMI) publishes the Lexicon of Project Management Terms to help unlock some of this confusion and provide clear defintions and explanations.

Look it up here

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Call for papers: Crisis Management and Recovery Projects and Programs

Scholars from any field of management, psychology and organizational learning are invited to submit papers that would enable engaging in cross-disciplinary dialogue between scholars interested in crisis management and recovery.

Presentations are invited to extend the knowledge of the EURAM community regarding the management of various aspects of a crisis including preparedness before a crisis, resilience during a crisis and recovering from a crisis…


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New volume of Journal of Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Third volume this year of Journal of Project, Program and Portfolio Management is now availbale. The volumen touches upon subjects of The Rise and Fall of Project Management, Evaluating Strategic Project and Portfolio Performance and Visualising Project Managment Dimensions. You find the Journal here

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Case study: A vote for Project Management

With a standardised project management approach, it was possible for the Spanish company, Indra, to deploy an automated cote-counting system in Norway.

Read the case study at the website of PMI

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PMI: Professional Development Scholarships

The following scholarships are for project management practitioners, interested in advancing their professional skills. Check the eligibility requirements for the scholarships here 

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Conferences and Research

Within the next year, a range of conferences on the topic of research and project management are held all over Europe: Paris, Vienna, Oslo etc.. 

For more information, follow this link.

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IPMA Knowledge Base: Looking for test subjects

Dear R&D Members!

The IPMA Reseach Managment Board is in the process of developing the IPMA Knowledge Base/Info Package. The aim of the project is to make 12 years of World Congress presentations accessible to members online in a searchable database!  The IPMA Reseach Managment Board has been working on a prototype since the last Council of Delegates meeting in Valencia. One (1)  of the 12 years of data in the prototype has been mounted, the plan is to mount the remaining…


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Article: 'Project Management: Delivering The Promise'

The article is inspired by the theme of IPMA’s 25th World Congress in Brisbane 2011. It addresses the promises of project management and how these are met in regards to four different target groups: Individual PM Practitioners, Project Teams and Stakeholders, Enterprise Managers and Executives, and Nations and Society.

You find the article here.

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London’s Loss? Why Hosting the Olympics Is Bad Business

Article from Time Magazine on the overrun of budgets in the events of the OL. The article also contains commentaries from Danish researcher Bent Flyvbjerg, who is specialised in the management of mega projects.

Read the article here

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e-Learning on demand with PMI

PMI offers a range of e-learning on demand courses. Purchase a course, and then take up to a year to complete it online. Go to the PMI website to read more and browse through the courses.

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Agile practices and techniques

Do you find yourself in need of inspiration, more knowledge or new ideas on agile project management?

PMI offers an overview of techniques and practices in the field of agile project management. By following this link, you find resouces on the subject and inspiration to new approaches to project management.  

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Call for Papers: Managing People on Projects: Research insights from India

The Journal of Project, Program and Portfolio Management invites interested contributors to send papers by the 3 August 2012. The abstracts must contain up to 300 words and fall within one of the following topics:

  • Positioning projects within organisations
  • Project-based organisation structures
  • Innovative project human resource management practices
  • Critical reviews of project human resource management practices in Body of Knowledge, and Project…

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The Olympics, cost overruns and Professor Bent Flyvbjerg

An Oxford University study finds the Olympics is likely to cost more than twice the original estimate and end up billions of dollars over-budget. Read the full article and watch the news clip with Professor Bent Flyvbjerg at CBS News

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PMI Lexicon of Project Management Terms

The 'PMI Lexicon of Project Management Terms' offers a set of frequently used project, program and portfolio management terms with clear and concise definitions. Included are 145 terms that have a unique use in the profession and high relevance to its vocabulary.

For anyone involved in project management, the 'PMI Lexicon of Project Management Terms' is an important resource to foster understanding and consistent usage of terminology.

For more information, go to this…


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Tilmelding til IPMA Certificering i juli

Dansk Projektledelse udbyder til efteråret IPMA Certificering på niveau A-D.

Tilmeldingsfristerne er følgende: Niveau A: 24. september, Niveau B og C: 22. juli og Niveau D: 14. juli.

For mere information og tilmelding, se her

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Dansk Projektledelse med i forskningsprojekt

Dansk Projektledelse er med i et forskningsprojekt ved Århus Universitet, der kortlægger interesseorganisationers politiske indflydelse i Danmark. Projektet fokuserer på organisationernes indflydelse på forskellige arenaer, nemlig den administrative arena, den parlamentariske arena og mediearenaen. Dansk Projektledelse har bidraget gennem kvantitative metoder.

Uddrag af projektbeskrivelsen:

"Projektet  undersøger betydningen af: 1) organisationskarakteristika,…


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