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Article: "Why costs overrun: risk, optimism and uncertainty in budgeting for the London 2012 Olympic Games"

Abstract: " As a first step to understanding the sources of budgeting overruns in the context of the Olympics, this research note outlines how the costs of the London 2012 Olympic Games were under-estimated in a series of budget forecasts, identifying sources of error and categorizing these according to the effects on budgeting of: (1) inattention to risk inside government; (2) biases in decision-making in the evaluation and use of information; and (3) uncertainty in project management and…


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Article: "Geographical variation in project cost performance: the Netherlands versus worldwide"

Abstract: " In the Netherlands, cost overruns [on transport infrastructure] appear to be smaller compared to the rest of the world. This paper tests whether Dutch projects perform significantly better in terms of cost overruns than other geographical areas. It is concluded that for road and tunnel projects, the Netherlands performs similarly to the rest of the world. For rail projects, Dutch projects perform considerably better, with projects having significantly lower percentage cost…


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Book review: "Olympic Risks"

"Olympic Risks" focuses on the task of governing the Olympic Games. It sheds light upon the risk management of arranging and governing the Olympic Games and the preparations ahead of it.

The book offers a theoretical and empirical analysis of how the Olympic Games are governed, exploring the challenges and pressures of staging the world's largest event and the recent emergence of the formal practice of risk management as a response of decision-makers to the operational demands and…


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IPMA Young Crew: Project Management: Delivering The Promise

IPMA Young Crew publishes blogs on various subjects within the field of project management.

This blog addresses the issue of how to carry out project management and ensure the fulfilment of the end result. It considers three target groups; 1) individual project management practitioners, 2) project teams and stakeholders and 3) enterprise managers and executives.

Read the full blog post here

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Nyt blogindlæg fra Peter G. Harboe: "Simpel, analog og autentisk projektledelse er nok det nye sort!"

Medlem af Dansk Projektledelses Forskningsgruppe Peter G. Harboe har på sin blog om viden projektledelse skrevet sit seneste indlæg om spilleregler hos LEGO i forbindelse projektledelse af deres kerneprojekter - nøgleordene er 'keep it simple'. Læs indlægget her

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26th IPMA World Congress

Are you interested in the annual IPMA World Congress? This year, the congress takes place in Crete, Greece, 29-31 October 2012.

IPMA recently launched a website for the congress where you will find information, registration and the option of submitting an abstract if you wish to. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 May. The most important dates and deadlines are listed here

You find the website…


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Webinar: Bridging the gap between product and project management

In this webinar, Greg Geracie and Lee Lambert discuss the ways Project and Product Managers work together to increase project, product and organization success.

Watch the webinar here

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Young Project Manager Award 2012

All applications are due for submission by June 15, 2012 for consideration

The IPMA Young Crew initiative announces the call for nominations for the 2012 IPMA Young Project Manager Award. The Young Crew promotes the practice and process of project management as a discipline across all sectors of industry; and actively engaged in supporting the development of future leaders within the project management domain.

The Young…


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Årets Projektledere 2011 hyldet!

Den 29. februar hædredes de tre Årets Projektledere 2011 ved foreningens årlige Projektforum.

Vinderne blev:

Susanne Hviid Jönsson fra VP Securities, Årets Certificerede Seniorprojektleder Niveau B Lasse Friis fra JN Data, Årets Certificerede Projektleder Niveau C Mikael Oddershede fra Viborgegnens Erhversråd, Årets Certificerede i Projektledelse Niveau D.

Alle tre blev spurgt: 'Hvordan kan projektledelse gøres endnu bedre?'. Læs deres svar på side 16-17 i det seneste…


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Optagelser fra Forskningens Døgn

Kære alle interesserede,
optagelserne fra Forskningens Døgn i lørdags om agil projektledelse og styregrupper er nu tilgængelige.
På grund af filernes store størrelse er filerne tilgængelige via Dropbox. Det er ikke muligt for os at uploade filerne på hjemmesiden. Nedenfor…

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New updates in Open Library

Dear R&D users,

in the Open Library section you find inputs and inspiration on many subjects, e.g. PMOs, programme and portfolio management, stakeholders and evaluation of projects.

Today, we have uploaded new slides on the subjects of steering committees and LogFrame and a paper addressing the issue of Benefit Realisation Management. You find the new materials here:…


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Paper: Projects as the content and process of change

This paper explores the two dimensions of projects as the content of change, and projects as the process of change. Projects form a process of change when the organisational changes are managed as a project, and projects form the content of change when the intent of the channge process is a managing by projects form of organisation.

The papers is based on a case study of Pettigrew's cotext, content, process model of organisational change.

You find the paper here: …


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Kompleksitet i IT-systemer - se video her!

Interesserer du dig for IT-projekter og de kompleksiteter, der kan opstå i processen? Denne video-session sætter fokus på udfordringer og løsninger i forbindelse med at udføre IT-projekter. Facilitator er John A. Hunderup fra EPM Group. Talere: Anders Lisdorf, Gregers Mogensen og Lone Mariboe. Du kan se videoen her - god…


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The Day of Research 2012! Steering committees, agile project managment and much more...

The R&D Team has teamed up with Roskilde University and launches an online lecture on agile project management and the role of steering groups. This will take place 21st of April at 9-11.00 am online, we will provide you with a link as we move closer to the date.

You find more info on The Day of Research here and the event arranged by Roskilde University and the R&D Team…


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Research Workshop 23rd of March!

IPMA Research Workshop in Valencia 23rd of March - to participate, you need to register. Read more here.

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Research in Project Management at the University of Maryland

University of Maryland specialises in research in project management in varies areas, e.g. disaster management, energy and environment. By following this link, you will be directed to the website of the university where you will find student papers, updates and latest research.

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Article: How to Build a Positive Relationship with Your Project Sponsor


One of the most important relationships a project manager can build is the one with the project sponsor and it is one that project managers often find challenging to build and maintain.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) — Fourth Edition states that a project sponsor: “…champions the project. This includes serving as spokesperson to higher levels of management to gather support throughout the…


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Projektejerens involvering skal planlægges

Peter G. Harboe, adjunkt ved VIA University College i Horsens, skriver en blog on tendenser i projektledelse. Hans nyeste indlæg handler om projektlederens efterspørgsel på egenskaber, som projektejeren bør besidde. Indlægget er baseret på en undersøgelse foretaget af Erling Andersen ved Norwegian Centre for Project Management. Bloggen kan læses her

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Call for Papers for 26th IPMA World Congress

A call for papers has been announced for the 26th IPMA World Congress on Project Management, with the theme „Integrating Project Management Standards“, that will be held on the Mediterranean Island of Crete, Greece during 29-31 October 2012. Deadline for the submission of proposals for special sessions is 15 March 2012. Read more on IPMA's website


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International Project Invitation - The Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project for Quality in EU-Project Management

We have received an invitation from German Emcra GmbH concerning cooperation among EU organisations and business across EU borders. The application deadline is 21st February. The EU grant to be applied for will be between 10.000 and 25.000 € per organisation. In the attached Invitation Letter you find more overall information and contact details. We suggest you to first read the Invitation Lette to get an understanding of the project and possibilities offered. If you are still interested, we…


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