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Visting project management

Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th Dansk Projektledelse organised the Symposium “The art of managing projects – within a complex reality”. Focus was on the ability to improve project management in order to achieve better focus the results and increase implementation of project…


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Discussion: The complex reality of project management!

17-19th November Dansk Projektledelse is arranging a symposium focusing on the complex reality of project managements.

Do you in your everyday life while working project oriented experience complexity that challenges your project working methods? Is the everyday life in which we live becoming increasingly more complex in regards to conducting project management?

The symposium will introduce the participants to tools for facilitating challenges in a complex…


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The progress of writing a project

Member of Dansk Projektledelse, Bjarke Thorboe, posts blogs on his experience with project progresses at Roskilde University.

His blog describes the different steps in writing a semester project at his university, what challenges he and his fellow group members face as well as the work progresses of facilitating such a project.

You can read his blog, add comments and advices here:… Continue

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It's been two weks since last time, and some things have happened. We had a rather interesting meeting with our counseling professor, and made some progress towards narrowing down the problem, formulating a temporary disposition, and getting to terms as to what elements the problem statement shall contain. We've also discussed a slight bit of scientific theory in the project, and may have decided what direction we want to take that as well.

First off. We've worked out a… Continue

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New users and autumn events!

Dear members of Dansk Projektledelse Research and Development!

The number of users has increased significantly throughout the last weeks. We are very happy to welcome you to the site and hope you will benefit from your membership.

The profile of the users varies a lot; students as well as full time employees working with project management are represented. All users have the interest in project management and the wish of knowing more within this field in common. Besides… Continue

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Project evolution.

So, we've had a couple of meetings within the group, but yet to have one with the proffessor connected with the project. Anyway, here's what we've been talking about:

We've been talking a lot about taking a more economic angle to the project, by incorporating the ecological economist: Herman Daly, and his Steady-State economy theory. Through this theory we can illustrate the disagreement on the suject of sustainability in global terms, and thus point out the difficulties in… Continue

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New project about the implementation of sustainable environmental regimes through international cooperation in society.

Greetings. I'm a 3rd semester student at RU (Denmark).

This semester I'm writing a project about how international cooperation may be influenced by a discourse that almost makes the international market system an onthological condition for our society. We are going to shed light on the debate about sustainability and environmentalism that is very popular in our current society, and how it is influenced through lobbyism and established discourses already in place. This will give us the… Continue

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Interesting forum for PM's

Look at this forum for professionel PM's - you find a lot of highly interesting discussions. Join the forum and be a part of innovating project management!

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Social networking

Take a look on what is going on in our fellow networking groups - visit South Africa!

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Interesting article

Jan Pries-Heje has written an article about the use of Scrum as PM in IT system developing.
Many new angels, read here...

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How to deal with uncertainty in IS projects - something else than risk management!

Professor Jan Pries-Heje and Sabine Mdsen from Rosklide University have written the article with the following approach: The study is structured around the following research questions: what is uncertainty?, what creates
uncertainty?, and how do you manage uncertainty – individually and in a project group?. The aim is to contribute to the field of IS project management with a framework about uncertainty, which is firmly grounded in empirical data.

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High speed software development - control your project

Professor Jan Pries-Heje, Richard Baskerville, Balasubramaniam Ramesh and Linda Levine have published a readable article on using a Srum method in software development projects such as Web portals. Read more here...

E - Baskerville et al 2006 - HighSpeedPractices-ITPro-JulAug06.pdf

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Flexible Information Systems Development

The danish professor Jan Pries-Heje and american David Avison has wrtitten an interesting and visionary article about designing an appropriate methodology for different design situations. You can read the whole article here...

F - AvisonPries-Heje_2007_-_Flexible_IS_Development.pdf

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What is R&D actually?

If you want an explanation on the idea of R&D read from IPMA

or from Wikipedia

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Use the blog

We invite you to use the blog for comments and knowledge sharing!

For a start just write as you wish, and hope for a comment. Later we will organize it in threads.

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