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Interview med Bent Flyvbjerg om menneskets fascination af kæmpebyggerier

Vores fascination af at bygge det højeste, det længste, det bredeste har konsekvenser - især økonomiske konsekvenser. Det mener Bent Flyvbjerg, økonom ved Oxford University's Said School of Business.

Hvorfor og hvordan kan man læse mere om i Quartz' interview med Flyvbjerg her

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A short something about energy projects...

Energy sources are essential to maintain the life we live today: Transport, the health industry, households and industries of all kinds depend on different energy sources.

Yet, producing and delevering energy may be a costly affair. CNN Money now introduces an article on the world's ten most costly energy projects. Did you know that constructing the Hoover Dam required a budget of 49 million dollars when it was built in 1936? This is equal to 825 million dollars with today's…


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Reearch on infrastructure planning

A new study from the University of Oxford reveals that in order to attract large firms to economically deprived areas of the UK, infrastructure investments are needed. Read the article by following this link. 

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Article: "Why costs overrun: risk, optimism and uncertainty in budgeting for the London 2012 Olympic Games"

Abstract: " As a first step to understanding the sources of budgeting overruns in the context of the Olympics, this research note outlines how the costs of the London 2012 Olympic Games were under-estimated in a series of budget forecasts, identifying sources of error and categorizing these according to the effects on budgeting of: (1) inattention to risk inside government; (2) biases in decision-making in the evaluation and use of information; and (3) uncertainty in project management and…


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Paper: Projects as the content and process of change

This paper explores the two dimensions of projects as the content of change, and projects as the process of change. Projects form a process of change when the organisational changes are managed as a project, and projects form the content of change when the intent of the channge process is a managing by projects form of organisation.

The papers is based on a case study of Pettigrew's cotext, content, process model of organisational change.

You find the paper here: …


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How to deal with uncertainty in IS projects - something else than risk management!

Professor Jan Pries-Heje and Sabine Mdsen from Rosklide University have written the article with the following approach: The study is structured around the following research questions: what is uncertainty?, what creates
uncertainty?, and how do you manage uncertainty – individually and in a project group?. The aim is to contribute to the field of IS project management with a framework about uncertainty, which is firmly grounded in empirical data.

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High speed software development - control your project

Professor Jan Pries-Heje, Richard Baskerville, Balasubramaniam Ramesh and Linda Levine have published a readable article on using a Srum method in software development projects such as Web portals. Read more here...

E - Baskerville et al 2006 - HighSpeedPractices-ITPro-JulAug06.pdf

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