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Oxford study: Dams as mega projects

Researchers from Centre for Major Project Management have published a study on mega projects, with dams as case.

The study is available online: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2406852

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IPMA Research Awards 2014

IPMA uddeler forskerpris, og nu er der mulighed for at sende indstillinger. Du kan læse mere om kriterier og indstillingsproces på IPMA's hjemmeside: http://ipma.ch/awards/research-awards-2/

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Conferences and Research

Within the next year, a range of conferences on the topic of research and project management are held all over Europe: Paris, Vienna, Oslo etc.. 

For more information, follow this link.

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Research Workshop 23rd of March!

IPMA Research Workshop in Valencia 23rd of March - to participate, you need to register. Read more here.

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Research in Project Management at the University of Maryland

University of Maryland specialises in research in project management in varies areas, e.g. disaster management, energy and environment. By following this link, you will be directed to the website of the university where you will find student papers, updates and latest research.

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Professor Nassim Taleb: AntiFragility and IT Research

Nassim Taleb, Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University held a speech last week in London on AntiFragility and IT research.

Listen here

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Communicate your Research Findings

Research is also about the sharing of knowledge. But how does one share communicate complicated findings, methods and theory and still ensure that the sharing of knowledge is facilitated?

Bent Flyvbjerg addresses this aspect in From Nobel Prize to Project Management: Getting Risks Right. It provides an overview and tools on how to process findings and data into a readable article.

Perhaps you will find it inspirering!

Read it here:…


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Learning and Teaching Challenges in Project Management

In March 2010 the writers Ojiako, Ashleighm Chipulu and Maguire published their article, Learning and Teaching Challenges in Project Management, in the International Journal of Project Management. In the following you can read a short summery of the text. Below you will find a link to the full article.


The article is concerned with the pedagogy of project management. How can students of project management benefit from different teaching methods? The article draws in two key…


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