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Lesson Learned... Knowledge on the World of Project Management

The blog PM Lessons Learned addresses different issues in the field of project management. Here you can read materials on knowledge sharing, the experiences of project managers etc. You find the blog here.

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Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2012

ESI Announces Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2012

Collaboration Gains Importance as Project Complexity Grows

As the project environment grows in complexity, project management will require team, stakeholder and executive collaboration in 2012 like never before. On-the-job application of training, custom-made project approaches, innovative project tools and smarter resource management will be essential for driving the greatest business impact. Not…


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Are you Agile? Find tests and reading materials here!

Dear users,

IPM has a website dedicated to the discipline of agile project management. Here you can take a test to examine your agility, you find reading materials, book reviews and much more.
Follow this link.

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2012 Call for Proposals Schedule at Project Management Institute

The PMI Research Program, formed in 1997, works to advance the discipline and profession of project management. Since then, PMI has invested more than US $16 million in project management research.

The research program is an essential part of PMI's mission to make project management indispensable for business results. We believe that academic research informs the practice of project management and that the real-world application of its results sparks further…


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Don’t Let Project Politics Derail Your Career

Three project professionals share their advice on how to effectively manage workplace politics

Project politics can ruin team relationships, projects and your career — unless you know how to play the game.

“The crux is understanding the importance of relationships. If we focus on relationships and genuinely try to connect with people, it’s much easier to see all sides of an issue,” says Brian Irwin, PMP, Gravette, Arkansas, USA-based author of Managing…


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News: Iran plans to export electricity to Pakistan, UAE, Oman

Iran will soon launch a project to produce electricity from natural gas in Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf, Iran Offshore Oil Company's IOOC managing director Mahmoud Zirakchianzadeh said. Under contract signed with Iran's power projects management company MAPNA up to 6000MW electricity will be generated in two phases for domestic network and export to neighbouring countries Pakistan, UAE & Oman, he told IRNA news agency.

Read more…


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Professor Nassim Taleb: AntiFragility and IT Research

Nassim Taleb, Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University held a speech last week in London on AntiFragility and IT research.

Listen here

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Hvordan går det med projektledelse i Danmark?

Tirsdag den 1. november startede for cirka 40 mennesker med friskbrygget kaffe og PowerPoints i Hørsholm hos Mannaz, der arbejder med kompetenceudvikling og ledelse.

Anledningen? Mannaz har lavet en undersøgelse, der kortlægger de udfordringer, projektledelse står over for i dagens Danmark.  672 ansatte inden for projektledelse svarede på Mannaz’ spørgeskema, der afdækker udfordringer og tendenser i projektledelse i Danmark. Undersøgelsen viser, at projekter i årenes løb er blevet…


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Communicate your Research Findings

Research is also about the sharing of knowledge. But how does one share communicate complicated findings, methods and theory and still ensure that the sharing of knowledge is facilitated?

Bent Flyvbjerg addresses this aspect in From Nobel Prize to Project Management: Getting Risks Right. It provides an overview and tools on how to process findings and data into a readable article.

Perhaps you will find it inspirering!

Read it here:…


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Indlæg af Mubashar Rashid:

Jeg vil gerne kickstarte et debat omkring "forecasting" - både på projekt og portfolio niveau.

1. Hvordan får man effektivt lavet en 12 mdr. forecast for portfolio og får overblik over demand vs. capacity - herunder også planlægge det således at ressourcerne bruges mest optimalt.

2. Hvad er best practice for en optimal planlægning af…

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Book review: Leadership and the Project Manager - Developing the Skills that Fuel High Performance

Quoting the book:

"You face some unique leadership challenges as a Project Manager, and this
book and supporting materials are designed to help provide that context, offer
critical development suggestions and highlight some of the major missteps to
avoid on your journey."

Direct Link

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Article: Facilitating changes through project management

How is to possible to ensure that change takes place without headaches and running into problems?

By applying project management tools to facilitating change in organisations, business structures etc., you can avoid the migraine.

Rick Maurer addresses this issue in his article Change Without Migraine, which you read here: Changewithoutmigraines

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Link: Oxford University's Facebook site

Are you interested in following latest news in project management around the world? This link leads you to the Facebook site of British Oxford University. Their Centre of Major Programme Management provides news, inspiration and more on programme management. We at R&D are following them closely and we suggest you do the same, share your viewpoints and insight. Link:…


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Article: Factors influencing the choice of solution-specific business models

A Finnish study examines new business models that suppliers make use of as a result of an increasing amount of attention in project-based firms. The study takes is starting point in the context of project-based firms, and it analyses five solutions for business models which were delivered by a company working with power plants.

The study furthermore identifies which factors that influence the choice of business model in a given situation to reach a satisfactory solution. Read the…


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Article: What practitioners consider to be the skills and behaviours of an effective people project manager

International Journal of Project Management no. 29 2011 presents an article by Eddie Fisher from Brno University of Technology. The article addresses the issue of what constitutes an effect people project manager. The methods applied are, inter alia, focus group meetings and face to face interviews.

Six specific skills were identified as important in regard to being an effective people project manager, and by adopting and implementing these skills, people project managers would be…


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User Survey - we need your help!

To improve the R&D site, we need your help. We have formulated a survey consisting of only eight questions. It will not take you long to go through it and we need to plan our future work in regard to our members' interests.

You will find the survey here:



Your R&D Team

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Photos from 'The Festival of Knowledge', Michigan, US

Dear R&D Users!

As some of you might already be aware of, The Knowledge Festival which took place last week 8 September in Michigan, US. The title of the festival was 'Trends and Future of Project Management in 2025', looking into the newest project management methods and how to conduct project management in the future.

Photos from 'The Festival of Knowledge' are now avaible here:…


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Articles for inspiration

Dear RD Members!

This month we wish to introduce you to three articles from the International Journal of Project Management from July 2011. We present the summaries for you and provide you with links to the full articles.




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Book on Agile Project Management

Are you interested in knowing more about agile projects and how to manage them? Then we suggest you to read the book of Jim Highsmith 'Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products'.

The book was published in 2009 and offers an insight into the best practices of agile projects. You can read more about the book and the author by following this link:…


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LinkedIn News

Dear R&D Users!

The LinkedIn site of Dansk Projektledelse is highly active at the moment, reaching a number of 4582. Several discussions are taking place, latest on the what tools to use when conducting project management. You'll find the discussions and the LinkedIn Group here:…


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