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Learning and Teaching Challenges in Project Management

In March 2010 the writers Ojiako, Ashleighm Chipulu and Maguire published their article, Learning and Teaching Challenges in Project Management, in the International Journal of Project Management. In the following you can read a short summery of the text. Below you will find a link to the full article.


The article is concerned with the pedagogy of project management. How can students of project management benefit from different teaching methods? The article draws in two key components to shed light upon the subject, which is defined through the quantitative research conducted in the study: Transferable Skills and Virtual Learning.


The article examines the experiences of students of project management to draw up conclusion of how best to form education on the subject. The study focused on two groups of students of project management from two different universities in the UK. It was carried out through a questionnaire, which a total number of 194 students answered. The questionnaire (p. 270) helped to understand e.g. the students’ confidence in working with project management and their skills in regard to ICT. The study revealed that male students value virtual learning considerably higher than their female co-students. This was also the case for students with no previous academic experience of project management compared to those who already had some know-how on how to study project management.


This research article draws in the perspective of the students of project management and thus provides the literature of the field with a new angle that has not been presented in previous literature on the subject. According to the article there is a need for higher education institutions to re-think their approaches to teaching of project management. Indicators of the study results show that certain channels of teaching are not being addressed as much as it should be in accordance with the students’ benefit from these channels, e.g. the opportunity of the students to apply a critical approach to project management and to grapple with the challenges of conducting project management on their own during their time as students.


You can read the full article here: Learning%20and%20teaching%20challenges%20in%20project%20management.pdf

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