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At 9:46pm on May 12, 2010, Les Squires said…
Dear Mette,

I need to talk with you soon about this IPMA Member Association website we created for Denmark -- http://ipmadenmark.ning.com/. You may or may not have heard that Ning is upgrading its website offerings, including charging for its websites beginning in July 2010.

Option 1 -- Member Associations pay annual fee

Starting in July Ning will charge $20, $200, or $500 per year depending on the level of service each of our IPMA MA's chooses. Read about available pricing plans at http://about.ning.com/announcement/plans.php -- Since you have done significant work on your site, you may want to pay $200 and continue with your work.

Option 2 -- Member Associations move to the IPMA Family

The Research Management Board is recommending Option 2.

INSTEAD of paying the above fees, each Member Association registers itself on http://ipmacod.ning.com/groups/group/listByLocation?location=Member+Associations where we already have 15 Member Associations registered. Each MA then has its own identity, member roster, administrators, discussions, comments, RSS feeds and email broadcasts.

I notice that Denmark has not yet registered on the IPMA Family. You can register your Member Association by clicking on this link -- http://ipmacod.ning.com/groups/group/new -- this will take 10-15 minutes to launch.

Please contact me by replying to this message, or by return email, or on skype at LSquiresSkype, or by phone at +1 303 926 5159. I will be delighted to discuss these options and to assist you to implement your choice.

My best to members of the IPMA Member Association in Denmark.

Les Squires
Research Management Board
+1 303 926 5159
At 7:06pm on December 1, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hi again. You did perfectly! I can always count on you to be first and perfect.... I'm doing fine -- having the time of my life. Looking forward to working with you and all the other Danish IPMA members in December and throughout next year.

BTW, the next step is to ask individual corporations to register themselves. Same process as we just followed, but classifying the GROUP TYPE as "Corporations".

Happy holidays. Let me know when you're available.
At 6:27pm on December 1, 2009, Les Squires said…
Greetings Mette,

We're in the process of upgrading the IPMA social media treatment of Member Associations.

I need 10 minutes of your time to register Danish Project Management Association.

Please go to http://ipmacod.ning.com/groups/group/new

* NAME: Enter "Danish Project Management Association"
* IMAGE: Skip image at this time.
* DESCRIPTION: Enter a short description of your Association. You can change this later.
* WEBSITE: Paste http://ipmadenmark.ning.com/ into website.
* GROUPTYPE: Paste "Member Associations" into Group Type.
* Don't make any other changes at this time.
* Click on ADD GROUP (lower right hand corner of window)

I appreciate your assistance.

Les Squires
Research Management Board Social Networking Consultant
At 12:33pm on September 25, 2009, Martin Dahl said…
Hej Mette

Tak for info... jeg vender tilbage snarest!
At 11:06pm on September 3, 2009, Les Squires said…
I apologize. I thought I had replied to the question about what it takes for the site to be in Danish. You would use the MANAGE/LANGUAGE EDITOR to create a translation for the Danish site. At present there is no existing translation, so it would have to be created. I notice that you've already created a MY LANGUAGES - DANISH. Somebody needs to go through the 46 pages of text and do the translation from English to Danish. It would be a lot of work, but I suggest we get some university students to take on the task. Once the translation is complete, you would change the language of the site to Danish. Are you up for the challenge....
At 1:09am on September 3, 2009, Les Squires said…
One more note...

Another alternative for branding your MA with IPMA would be to add some functionality to the IPMA logo. See, for example, http://ipmaresearch.ning.com/. This search is a google search of websites WE DETERMINE are representative of IPMA. In other words, when a person comes to your site, he/she can enter "expert seminars" and receive a google result that spans all sites we determine we want to have searched. All "non-IPMA related" sites are ignored. We will learn how to set up this wonderful type of search in the 20 September workshop in Slovenia, but in the meantime, let me just ask what do you think of the idea? Do we use a simple logo, or the IPMA-wide search?

By the way, we can do the same as described above for your MA. Imagine a custom search that searches all your MA member companies, and returns results for ONLY your member companies.

At 12:25am on September 3, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hi again! The IPMA has asked that a clearer relationship between IPMA and each MA be displayed on MA sites. Please take a look at the image at the top of the left column and let me know what you think. There are several ways we can do this branding. I'm open to ideas you have.
At 7:49pm on September 1, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hello Mette,

I just sent a message to IPMA Researchers reminding of the upcoming events 14-21 September in Celje, Slovnia.

Do you plan to attend the workshop for Member Associations on 20 September? This is most important for those of us who have created social networks for our Member Associations -- danskprojektledelse R & D

Please go to the Workshop Calendar and indicate Yes-No-Maybe. This will help us in our planning.

Thanks! I hope everything is well with you!

At 11:31pm on July 19, 2009, Les Squires said…
Thank you!! Enjoy your vacation.
At 10:14pm on July 19, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hi Mette,

I need to talk with you asap this week regarding this survey -- http://ipmaresearch.ning.com/forum/topics/survey-background-and -- I am putting the finishing touches on the survey over the next couple of days, but I believe the essence of the survey is clear.

Veikko and Brigitte have requested that Brane and I present a rational for Social Media in the IPMA.

Brane has been asked by the IPMA Board to make an in-person presentation of a strategy by which the IPMA might most effectively use the Social Media tools. Brane's presentation will be at the next BOD meeting on August 8th in Croatia.

I need to have you provide some support, as outlined on the link above. Brane and I will collect these success stories and present them to the BOD in our report/proposal. I would imagine that, based on your and my experiences with the MA websites, you might have a few "bullets" to post.

This is very important to me. I appreciate your willingness to participate.

Deadline for this first round: July 26, 2009.

At 2:03pm on June 26, 2009, Les Squires said…
Saturday is perfect. I'll be available anytime after 4:00 p.m. your time.
At 12:22am on June 26, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hi Mette. There are a number of ways of doing matching in Ning, and there are a number of places where you can put your PM materials on the danish site. Let's schedule a half hour when we can talk by skype and figure out the best ways. I am available most anytime tomorrow (friday) or saturday after about 8:30 a.m. my time. Let's talk!
At 12:35am on May 25, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hi Mette, That is surely unfortunate that we couldn't set up a schedule to accommodate both you and Peder. Let's see what we can do in September.
At 1:48pm on May 7, 2009, Per Svejvig said…
Hej Mette

Helt enig, vi må gå foran med det virtuelle, og sørge for, at vi tager vores egen medicin fx i forbindelse med det potentielle forskningsprojekt om virtuel projektledelse.

Jeg kan se, at du kalder gruppen "Virtuel ledelse". Har du overvejet at kalde det "Virtuel projektledelse" i stedet for, da det snævrer området ind, mens virtuel ledelse er en meget bred overskrift - lad os høre dine overvejelser!

Med venlig hilsen

At 6:53pm on May 6, 2009, Les Squires said…
Yes, I am delighted to work that week with any group you arrange for...
At 10:52am on May 6, 2009, Henrik Hesselberg said…
Hej Mette, og tak ... ja, jeg håber da at der meget at komme efter, og at jeg tilsvarende kan give lidt tilbage fra det praktiske liv.
At 5:11pm on May 5, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hi Mette... Good to hear that progress is being made for the Denmark workshops. Let's talk in the next day or so about details for the meetings. I need to make my plane reservations very soon. I would also like to know about arrangements for hotel accommodations. I am here the rest of today (tuesday) and all day on wednesday.
At 10:22pm on March 2, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hi Mette! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date. Let me know when you come up with ideas where I might assist. I'm not twisting your arm; just letting you know that I'm interested.
At 3:28pm on February 27, 2009, Les Squires said…
Hi Mette! Hope you're well and enjoying your new job.

When we last talked, you mentioned that you would start meeting with groups in Denmark around the 26th February. Let's talk sometime over the next few days to catch up. I am available most anytime you choose, including the weekend.
At 2:09am on January 16, 2009, Les Squires said…
13:00 your time is perfect on 19 January - Monday. Look forward to talking with you then.

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